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Never drain your pool again!

AquaZerve was designed in 1995 for swimming pools to eliminate the process of draining the pool each year and wasting our precious water due to high Total Dissolved Solids (TDS). The AquaZerve drains a small amount of water each day which can be used for irrigation without the waste of draining the pool. Safe and effective control of TDS retains the quality of water to a sparkling appearance and eye and skin irritation becomes a thing in the past. Extends life of equipment, staining will be reduced and less chemical usage. Designed to be small, inexpensive, effective and has proven to be an excellent solution for controlling your pool water without draining.


“Since the Aquazerve was installed

on my pool, eight years ago, I have not needed to drain my pool. I truly believe it is the Aquazerve system that keeps our pool in the condition that it is in 365 days a year, also you can water your plants and trees with this sytem and save money on your water bill."

William Marshall, AZ

" Installing the Aquazerve we've noticed a great difference in the condition of our pool. It has stayed cleaner with a decrease in discoloration and calcium deposits. The water itself has been noticeably cleaner and the children don't complain of eye irritation."

Dan Campbell , AZ

“We are watering all of our greenery, old and new and the pool is as beautiful as ever. It has decreased the amount of calcium drastically on the sides of the pool
and pool line.Before the AquaZerve our plants had to be on a strict schedule and always looked like they were on their last legs. Now they are beautiful and healthy and we are very proud of showing them off, our new trees and our new garden, they would make any grandmother jealous to say the least.
John C. Parman & JeanieRiedlinger, Az

Never drain your pool again!



Mfg. & Dealer

Reinhard Pool and Spa LLC

C/O Aquazerve

1968 West Acoma Blvd

# 102

Lake Havasu City, AZ 86403


Mail Address:

Po Box 1881

Lake Havasu City, AZ 86405



Tel: 928-846-9901

Wholesale accounts please call the number provided.

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